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Simon & Associates handles cases in which doctors have injured patients. The firm works with prominent expert doctors in various specialties around the entire country. Special attention in these cases is given to the particular needs of the client who, in addition to being a legal client of the firm, is at the same time trying his or her hardest to make the best possible recovery. We ensure that our clients are receiving top medical care as they try to recover from doctor-caused injuries.


Over the past decades the medical literature has demonstrated time and again that too many people are injured and killed unnecessarily by sub-standard medical care.  The law provides special protection to doctors, which includes prohibiting a jury to hear evidence of when the doctor has made similar mistakes. The law also allows a hospital to discuss mistakes it has made but not disclose that information to the public or a jury.


Simon & Associates has experience in medical and scientific issues as well as working closely with clients in medical malpractice cases.  Not every negative consequence of medical treatment is excusable.  Some accidents can and should be prevented.  Do not dismiss your circumstance as merely an unfortunate, but expected complication.


If you or a loved one have feel you have been subjected to medical malpractice, you should contact us immediately for a free no-obligation discussion of your case and circumstances.








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